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Social Concerns Committee presents:
Focus on Homelessness Fall Book Study
A four-week study of Evicted by Matthew Desmond
Leader: Rick Schroeder
 Continuing Mondays, September 20 & 27  and October 4,
7pm on ZOOM
Evicted (2016) is a book by Matthew Desmond that follows eight low-income families in Milwaukee as they struggle to find adequate and affordable housing. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and numerous other awards, it examines the difficult challenges and choices low-income families face while trying to navigate through a complicated and sometimes cruel and arbitrary economic and legal system. Told from the perspective of both the tenants and the landlords (some who are low-income themselves), the author vividly demonstrates the importance of adequate housing for the well-being of families but also how poverty can be self-perpetuating, even under the best of circumstances.
If you missed the first session you are still welcome to join us for this important and timely discussion.   There are a few more copies available in the church office for a donation of $10.Please contact the church office to arrange to pick up a copy.  For any questions email Chris Soltow:   chrissoltow3@hotmail.com
Meeting ID: 864 7059 7805
There are copies to purchase for $10.00 in the church office. Please contact the church office to arrange to pick one up or email Chris Soltow (chrissoltow3@hotmail.com).

Email Ann at Many Manisons to register:


The Christian Education Committee is introducing short, 6-week stand-alone courses to strengthen your faith, understanding of key church principles and Biblical knowledge. Join just one class series, or all five class series as you grow in your faith journey and understanding of the Bible and Methodism. Friends welcome! Each class will include a book study and possible video presentations. The first series, detailed below, will be offered via Zoom. We’re asking participants to purchase the course book from your favorite book retailer. Thank you!

Sneak Peek…coming January-May:
The Foundation of Methodism, Introduction to the Bible, Church History, Christianity 101.

Bible Study

Weekly on Wednesdays
Gathering through Zoom
10:30 am – led by Pastor Walt
If interested in participating, please contact Pastor Walt at waltumcwv@gmail.com

Women’s Book Group

Weekly on Wednesdays
Gathering through Zoom
4:30 pm – led by Pastor Rachel
Zoom Meeting ID: 939 2845 5880
password required: if you need the password, please email joanna@umcwv.org