Men’s Ministries

With programs for men of all ages, Men’s Ministries provide opportunities for the men of our faith community to grow together spiritually.  Through men’s sharing in meetings, participating in sporting events or museum tours, helping on church workdays and community service projects and financial support to our mission organizations and scholarships to youth, men seek to deepen their faith, gain a more balanced sense of self and a more complete discipleship.  We also seek connections and ways to support our community with our presence, financial contributions, and action.

Men’s Morning Fellowship Group
Men are invited to meet every Friday morning at 8 am on a zoom call where we discuss a topic of faith and purposeful living.  It is one hour to share our stories, our experience and to take a moment to center ourselves.

Men’s Retreat
Each year the men take one weekend and/or one Saturday to join together and reflect on our commitment to our church, our families and our friends at UMCWV.  Due to Covid, this year’s retreat is a zoom call on November 20th at 10 a.m. to spend 2 1/2 hours to discuss “Where I’m From” and how our past impacts our spiritual lives.  Please join us by contacting John Shehorn, the head of Men’s Ministry at jshehorn@keypointeam.com.